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Hello and welcome to my personal blog spot where I write about anything and everything.  It's really a record about things I am passionate about, things I want to learn about and thoughts and feelings I have.   

I guess I'm what you call a middle aged adult with not too many responsibilities in life and a bit of a soft spot of other peoples personal blogs which gave me the sudden thought one day to start my own.  Initially I started one on my business website, but I found I was limiting myself to my business topic of building and architecture and any thing off that topic seemed a bit strange!    With many more topics that I wanted to research and write about I decided to jump in to the deep end and start a "sundry" blog with the ability to write about unlimited topics and adventures.  A blog that can evolve with me as my life's journey continues.  

My day job is CAD Drawing and design work which keeps me pretty busy and I also am an Architecture student.  I juggle learning with working and living my lifestyle to the best of my ability.  Here's the link to my small business website www.azeendesign.net  

My other hobbies include tramping in our beautiful New Zealand bush, organic gardening and healthy life-styling which will all be included on this blog.

Come with me on my journey and share it!