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I'm Freaking Out About An Operation!

Believe me when I say I was freaking out, I truly was! The only time I have had anything to do with a hospital was involuntary arriving on the scene via my mother when I was born. That was the last time I was there for a night and that was 35 years ago. It was always other people that landed in hospital and me, being such a nice person, duly visited them and thought secretly “thank God that’s them & not me!” Now suddenly it was me facing the facts that I was heading for an operation and I didn’t take to it too kindly!

I am the sort of person that needs to know what happens with anything that is about to happen to me. This is one of the reasons why I don’t like flying on planes (I have no idea what to do if the worst happens). It’s a type of control-freak attitude I know but I would rather know what is happening to me than not know! The first thing I did when I arrive home from finding out that they were going to operate on my thyroid was check out You Tube for videos of real-life thyroidectomy operations. Having never been under anesthetic of any kind at all I could not bring my brain to comprehend that for a couple of hours in my life I would not know a single thing!

My biggest worry was what if I was the 1 in a 1000 person to be aware of what was happening through the procedure? With the paralyzing drugs they give you there’s no way that you can protect yourself and yell STOP! For some reason I just had a block on that thought until it nearly consumed me and apart from deep breathing and going for a walk, I was too scared to take the numerous other relaxation options such as herbal teas and homeopathic remedy’s as a quick look online also reveals the horrors of mixing them with an operation as well! So, I battled it out for a couple of weeks and hoped that psychologically I wouldn’t suffer too much.

As usual the old saying “90% of your worries won’t come true” proved correct once again! Having medical insurance meant I was able to have the procedure done at Breamar Hospital, a private hospital in Hamilton. The whole experience from being admitted in the reception to the actual operation and recovery process was great. My surgeon and all the staff were so professional and reassuring that once I arrived in my room a good percentage of my worries slipped away. And rest assured, I didn’t know a thing! My last memory was of the theater staff singing me Happy Birthday (as yes, it was my birthday that day) and my next memory is waking up and feeling very sleepy with a tickling throat that was half numb!

So, if you are facing any operation try to chill! It’s easier said than done - I realize that from recent experience! My advice is this –

  1. Don’t read up too much on your procedure beforehand! From watching You Tube videos of the actual procedure the thing that stuck in my mind the most was the actual incision of the neck! Believe me – it’s not nice lying awake at night and picturing in your mind somebody doing that to your own neck!

  2. Do your research - A lot of Homeopathic and Herbal remedies are not recommended before an operation as they can thin your blood too much. I can imagine that it’s not nice to bleed out on the operating table so it’s after to just cut out any thing you may usually take! I asked my anesthetist if he was happy if I took Vitamin C (which he was) so I did have 1000 mg of that each day, but otherwise I relied on walking and deep breathing exercise to get me through the tough patches

  3. Have a good cry every now & again – Only twice I opted for this one! Go on, do it! Even my surgeon admitted he was nervous before undergoing surgery on himself!

  4. Limited your alcohol or even better stop it altogether. One of my motivating factors for cutting this out of my life (and so far, it hasn’t entered back into it) was everything I read about anesthesia awareness or in other words feeling things throughout the operation, link back to alcohol consumption before an operation! It was a big enough worry for me to cut out alcohol altogether beforehand which has been a positive experience, enough positive to hesitate drinking again after. We live in such an alcohol based social society. Use this time to learn that you can survive without a drink in hand! And if anyone in New Zealand wants a Kombucha Plant – just message me and let me know – It’s a great alternative!

  5. Leave everything to the professionals and trust them to do their job! Procedures and technology improve everyday and the people working in our hospitals are highly trained professionals. Just be assured that they don’t want anything to go awry any more than you do!

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