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A Poem – Merry Christmas!

It’s reach the silly season, the crazy time of year;

When everyone is shopping or reaching for a beer!

Down here it’s hot and muggy, but nobody will care;

Cause they’re all going shopping – in the Southern Hemisphere!

It’s gifts for Gran and Grandpa, the kids want one or two;

And Uncles, Aunts and Cousin’s – just to name a few!

How about the neighbor? He gave us one last year –

We didn’t really want it, but he might think we didn’t care!

And as the list gets longer, the queues get more intense;

With other people buying with no more common sense!

Without a thought that somebody they buy a parcel for –

Will think “thank you – I wanted that, now where the Charity store?”

Cause not everybody feels the same as most of the population;

A consumer driven Christmas is not part of God’s Creation!

It’s not tinsel, lights and parcels – the largest sparkling tree;

Now if you care to listen, here’s what Christmas means to me!

Down here it’s summer beaches, a BBQ or two;

Sand and sun and surfing; long evenings right on cue!

Walking barefoot, enjoying life, with not a lot of worries!

Not bumping into others, swear words and lot’s of sorry’s!

Meaningful thought’s, recharging time, the old years nearly out –

Spending time with family is what Christmas is about!

Not rushing round a shopping mall, buying a lot of candy –

and bits and bob’s and other stuff you might consider handy!

The tinsel, trees and clutter will soon get packed away –

forgotten, stored in boxes – “For next year” one might say!

And in the months that follow you never think of them again –

Until that time of year comes round to make you quite insane!

Create a new tradition; make it centered round vacation;

Do whatever you enjoy – make it relaxation!

Because the joy of memories created new each year;

Will show your friends and family that you really care!