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Graves Disease – An On-going Story…

Sluggish? Tired? Hair loss? Lack of concentration? A zillion other vague symptoms but no real answer? That was me for years.

My family has a history on both my father’s and my mother’s side of thyroid conditions and other auto-immune diseases. I had been displaying symptoms for years and years and although I struggled on and kept going in my everyday lifestyle, it was hard work to actually “live” and not just “exist”! Finally in August 2017, a random blood test that I went for, not because I was sick but more because I was feeling so run down and tired, showed up results that finally declared that I had a hyper thyroid condition called Graves Disease and an enlarged Goitre in my neck. Being referred to a specialist was the first step on my road to recovery and I was put straight onto Carbinazole medication which over the next few weeks did slow my heart rate and very slowly over the last few months has stopped my hair loss to the degree that I no longer wonder if I am going to be bald in the very near future, but even after 10 months of medication every day, my blood tests are still showing that my counts are not normal and I still wake in the morning counting down to when I can go to bed again (not normal for a 35 year apparently?)

I have come to it that I need to go on my own journey to get to the bottom of this condition and take my health into my hands. I am sure there are others out there feeling like it’s something they can’t manage by themselves – pretty much the attitude and the information is that thyroid conditions can’t be managed naturally and if you get diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism it’s on to medication for a year to see if it will oblige and go into remission and if it’s a stubborn beast like my ones proving to be, zap it with Radioactive Iodine which normally makes you obtain Hypothyroidism and you live on medication for the rest of your life!

That’s what I don’t want and while the final result in my story may be that, I am going to research and alter my lifestyle to see if I can at least postpone the day I need to take the next step. Meanwhile I’ll document my personal journey and findings right here in my blog – Hopefully it will provide you with an insight that you can do something for your condition naturally and you aren’t alone with your struggles. Let’s learn together!

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