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Keto Diet Report #1

Photo by Ursula Spaulding on Unsplash

OK – I’ll say it – it’s not working!

And it’s because I haven’t really committed myself to the journey! Self-control just isn’t my strong point and I have been feeling rather unwell mentally so maybe I chose a bad time to start this journey?

Excuses aside, I truly feel like I do believe in the Keto lifestyle. After all, for the couple of months I truly committed to it I lost nearly 10kgs which is pretty much the first time in my life that I have lost that much intentionally! I feel that I need to change my focus from “Diet” to “Health” and concentrate on every aspect of my lifestyle. In other words, forget about loosing the kilograms and concentrate on healthy living. A bonus side effect should be that I get to and are able to maintain a healthy and good weight for me.

I’ll never be size 10 but I can be a happy and healthy size 14!

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