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Okay…… I haven't posted for a long while!

Sorry – I have been useless!

3 reasons for this:

1. I just haven’t felt like writing anything!

2. I just haven’t had the time to write anything!

3. I just haven’t had the inspiration to write anything!

All three aren’t really reason’s I know, but the truth is sometimes you just feel like you are living in this life, not living your life! I really feel that I have to be inspired to write anything that really interests me and recently I have just been flat!!

Recently I changed from being self-employed to going back to a wage full time. I had my reasons for this – I knew that I wanted to “earn” more and “save” more money so I can retire early. There is no way I want to hit my 60’s and still be working full time. I wanted to go on a 4 week holiday and not wonder for a minute where my next job was coming from or even think for one minute about work and come back to my job refreshed and ready to roll until the next holiday. I wanted the safety of a steady wage appearing each week in my bank account and to know that 1/3 of it was safely tucked away earning interest for me, but inside me a little mean voice told me I had failed. I hadn’t achieved what I had intended to when two & a half years ago I took myself off and started my own business and for a few months that has really rocked my world and everything has just passed by.

But this Monday I had an operation to remove a 5 cm nodule in my right thyroid gland. The correct medical term for the procedure is “Right Hemithyroidectomy” and it involves removing the nodule that is producing excess thyroid hormone with the hopeful result that the remaining part of the right thyroid lobe along with the left lobe will come to the party and start working now that they are not being overthrown by the overproducing nodule! It’s not a major operation but I had never had one before so was full of nerves at the thought of getting put to sleep and somebody (even a trusted surgeon) chopping at my throat!!

As we all know there is a sliver lining to every cloud and the positive outcome is that I have had a lot of time over the last few days to think – deeply – about what and where my life is taking me. So I’m back with the blog and over the next few months are going to chronicle my journey as I recover and recuperate from my operation, find out if I really do have graves disease or if I just had an overproducing nodule causing all my problems, get back on track to feel like I am living a purposeful and interesting life and live everyday with no regrets!

Until the next blog…..

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