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Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

Self-love is an interesting term – I think it means something different to every individual person.  Some think of it as a facial and massage; others think it involves a holiday in a warm tropical place; yet again others feel setting aside time to mediate and pose yoga stretches is their form of self-love.  When I stop and think about it everyone is correct!  In a nutshell self-love involves doing something that makes you feel special – and it’s often something I am guilty of neglecting. 

A typical day for me starts with a rude awakening bleat from an alarm clock beside my bed at 6:30am. I then lie half awake for as long as I possibly can while still knowing that I have to exit the bed and get ready to enter the real world by 7:30am! I then rush through my breakfast (it’s normally scrambled egg) and hit the office by 7:30am. My drive to work is never too stressful. By car the longest it takes on a bad day is 4 minutes so I can’t complain there! I dutifully complete my eight hours of work, 5 days a week, and then drive home again. A 30-minute walk around the neighbourhood, dinner and a surf through the internet and a bit of never-ending housework in-between rounds out another boring day at the grindstone. Hardly “self-love” and one of the reasons I started this blog – to have a reason to try something different – and a written reminder of my promises to myself to start living life not tied down to a job and a boring day. Arrange my finances so I can enjoy downtime and relax more. Not be totally dependent on a weekly wage coming in and invest in time to love myself more and enjoy the life that is mine to enjoy. Be healthy happy and well!

On a personal front I feel it is not something that money can buy. Something I am still searching for and involves something just out of reach and quite simple. Maybe a tea ritual in the morning? A beach walk? A home facial with oatmeal and honey? I’d love to hear your suggestions for me – what is something special that doesn’t take too much time (I am still committed to working 8 hours a day at this stage!) and is simple enough but special enough to make me believe that committing a small fraction of my day to myself is totally worth it?

Here’s the link a website that I LOVE – zenhabits.net. It deserves the credit for the rambling’s in the above post as it’s gone a long way to get me thinking about life over the last few months – Try it out for yourself and find your own self-love journey to follow.

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