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Speaking From Experience… The Advantages Of

I was home schooled. You know that dream of most kids – you get to stay home from school everyday! You get to sleep in, be nowhere on time, do what you want, don’t have to sit in class. Yep – that’s most kids impression of it! Want to find out what it’s really like? Then carry on reading…

The decision to educate your children without the conventional method of actually sending them to school is not something that most parents take lightly. Call it home-schooling, un-schooling, correspondence or what ever you like – the fact is that your little darlings are either going to excel or fail and you’ll have nobody you can lay the blame on except yourself!

Reasons vary for families wanting to home school their children. You might be traveling to exotic places, have certain religious beliefs, have a child with certain behavioral exceptions or even be of the mind that your child just shouldn’t have to sit in a class against his or her’s will all day for five days a week just because the government say so! All reasons are legit and all those reasons equate to one sentence – in choosing the unconventional path of a home school parent and child relationship, you are responsible for your child’s education!

So with that in mind I thought I’d blog what I, an actual home-schooled honey, thinks of the deal now that I’m all grown up and have been out of school for 18 years!

There are advantages…


Time is precious, life is short and time spend together as a family is getting replaced these days with a 24/7 rush where we try to cram everything we have to do into a 24 hour period and still have enough time to sleep so we can function with reasonable sanity! Home schooling allows you to allocate your schooling time when it suits you to do it. You can get out of bed at 7 am and allocate 2 hours of school time and then head out on your days adventure. Free day on Saturday? – spend it catching up on Friday assignments because Friday was spent learning about rock pools at the beach. Just beware – you still have to do you schoolwork – it’s just that you have flexibility to complete it whenever it suits you through the week!


It’s my experience that everyone learns a slightly different way. I have to try something to learn it – hence my mum and dad called me fiddle-fingers regularly while I was growing up! Homeschooling gives you the ability to make the most of the particular way you learn. You can also choose topics that your child is interested in learning and develop ways for it to be much more fun and easier to take in base on personality type.


Hopefully there’s no bullies at home! Children are generally more relaxed at home and don’t suffer from bullying or peer pressure that may and does occur in school. If you know that you are not going to be laughed at or belittled you are a lot more likely to ask questions! It’s also a lot cheaper in certain ways because you just don’t have to have that expensive “Smiggle” pencil case at home!


There’s certainly not 30 kids in a home school class (well, at least I doubt there is!). It’s a proven fact that when the teacher to pupil ratio in schools is as small as possible kids learn better. As at September 2017 the average Teacher to Pupil ratio here in New Zealand was 1:14. That means unless you have 14 or more kids in your family you most likely are going to be under the average ratio! The largest class size at that time was 51 – can you imagine just how much noise all those kids would conjure up! No wonder some of them would have trouble concentrating!


Home schooled kids will try things! Believe me – I know it! After all if they don’t try it, nobody else is around to try it for them! One other ability I would like to point up is the capacity to read and follow written instructions instead of relying on someone to help them work through it. I think this is because without the classroom environment they rely less on somebody explaining something and other kids answering it for them as there is simply nobody except them to provide the answer! It’s one thing that has stood me in good stead for adulthood – not being afraid to try something. About the worst thing that can happen is it won’t work!

The points above are only a few of the advantages. Up’s and down’s happen with every choice we make in life. Be assured that if you choose to home school your children, you’ll find many, many things to smile about every day and what could be a better way to grow and learn together? Setting your child up for adulthood is a big responsibly, but can be an enjoyable one which brings you a lot closer to one another. There are so many little moments which make up our days!

Stay tuned for my blog post where I list some of the disadvantages …

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