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The end of bad and the beginning of good!

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

This week I lost it – well I should say last week I lost it!  Looking back the effects of burnout had crept up on me and last week even the littlest thing tipped me over until I was a mess – a crying, shaking, blubbering mess!  I consider myself to be a strong person – one that takes most things on the chin, but after a long period of intense stress – the last 15 years of my life seem to have been going from one crises to another, I snapped and there was nothing I could do to stop myself from crying.  I walked out of work (thankful for an understanding boss) and went to my sister for five days.  I checked my work emails once in the morning (just to see if there was anything of importance) and delegated anything that seemed to think that it needed doing right on to other people.  Then I holidayed!  I haven’t really had a proper restful holiday for about 4 years.  I feel better this week, but I realize that Burnout Syndrome is a long-term thing to appear and it won’t just “disappear” after a 5-day holiday.  I need to implement some changes in my life to create a work/life/play balance that just hasn’t been there.

So, here’s my work and life goals for the rest of July & August 2019:

  1. Have more down time. Towards the middle of last week my life felt like it was just work, work, work, and other “must-do” commitments. There was no me. Even while I’m at work I am committing myself to have more downtime.

  2. I will actually leave my desk and have a 10-minute break mid-morning and afternoon, instead of just grabbing a coffee and working right on through.

  3. I will have 1 hour for lunch and try to include a walk even if it’s a short one. This one will need to be weather permitting because it is winter here in New Zealand and in winter it really RAINS!

  4. I will focus on health as a priority and eat great food which is a pleasure to prepare instead of just rushing though and grabbing something quickly on the run. I’m thinking “Local” and “Organic” here, but will need to explore and find a suitable source within my budget!

  5. Remember “RELAX!” Take time to smell the flowers of life, live for the moment, don’t sweat the small stuff and take baby steps!

Goals for the month in a nutshell …

  1. More downtime

  2. Morning and afternoon tea breaks (10 minutes each)

  3. 1-hour lunch breaks and tried to do a brisk walk then as well (Weather permitting!)

  4. Prepping great food which is fun to cook and a pleasure to eat.

  5. Relax and Breathe!

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