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Why Do I Feel So Tired With Graves Disease?

I’m tired – really tired – nearly all the time! It was because of being constantly tired that I went to the doctor in the first instance before finding out courtesy of a blood test that my Thyroid counts were out of kilter.

I have always been a sleeper – late nights just aren’t really on my favourite topic list but lately I have been waking up in the morning and feeling like I really would LOVE to just carry on sleeping! A couple of coffees later I manage to clear the brain fog enough to function at my day job and then I head home and countdown the hours and minutes until I can crawl into my bed again and SLEEP! I am not 100 years old – I’m only 34! I feel that I should be living in the prime of my life, not spending the hours either asleep or feeling so flogged that I can’t wait for sleep. So priority number one is sorting out my tiredness – let’s see where that leads to……


Take note – when an animal becomes ill it will take head off to a quiet spot, often away from any other animals and lie down and sleep until it either passes away or gets better. I figure that if you have a thyroid gland that is not working as well as it should do, tiredness is going to be your body’s way of telling that you should slow down and take timeout to fix what is wrong! But be realistic – not everybody can just curl up and sleep off whatever their problem is!!

Hyperthyroidism makes everything in your body overreact – you may experience moods, anxiousness and depression. You may tend to sweat a lot, or have a fast heart rate. Your metabolism speeds up which is why some people experience rapid weight loss. Everything is working overtime so chances are you will feel tired!


Disclaimer – This advice may not work for everyone. Please try to remember we are all on our own journeys and need to experiment a little. Your results may differ slightly to mine!

Maintain Regular Sleep Routines

About 9 pm I go to bed and generally I enjoy reading for 30 minutes or so before turning out the light and going to sleep. I find reading allows me to settle before actually trying to go to sleep – if I just try to go straight to sleep my brain is going around and around with the events of the day and even jumping ahead into the next day with everything I may or may not have to do. So having a routine at bedtime preps your mind and let’s it know that you are settling down to sleep. In the morning my alarm is set for 6:30 am and my body clock is so adjusted to this time after 18 years of waking then, I never get to hear my alarm clock go off – I routinely open my eyes at 6:29 am and quickly reach across and unset the alarm clock before it’s shrill blasts erupts. It’s one noise I have never grown to love!!

Get Daily Exercise

Every day I try to do a 30 minute walk. It’s a habit that is a good one to obtain and I enjoy getting outside as my day job is stuck at a desk, so fresh air in my lungs feels marvellous. It really doesn’t matter what you do for exercise as long as it gets you up and going and moving about. Just do something you enjoy and you’ll find motivation to do it daily. If I really feel unwell though I don’t push myself and try not to beat myself up over it, which brings up this next point of…

Try Not To Worry

That’s a hard one! I worry about everything – it seems to be a family trait! I really have to try hard to remind myself that most worries don’t come to pass! One tip I have found really works for me in regards to worrying is, when you find yourself worrying about something, force your thoughts into the “now” Often I find a lot of my worry’s come to me in the middle of the night when it’s impossible to do anything about them immediately. Forcing my thoughts into the “now” and thinking about the fact that I’m warm, safe and comfy in bed and nothing really is the matter “now” helps me to realize that the worry I am worrying about may or may not happen in the future.

I got this tip from a book that I would highly recommend anyone with Hyperthyroid to read – Graves’ Disease and Hyperthyroidism : What You Must Know Before They Zap Your Thyroid with Radioactive Iodine

Limit Caffeine to Morning’s Only and Limit Alcohol at All Times

I love my morning coffee! I’m not awake without it! But the few times I have weaned myself off it I know in my heart of hearts that I do feel better (after the headaches disappeared!) I also love a glass of wine or maybe a gin or brandy in the evenings but have proved many a time that I sleep better without it which certainly helps in the feeling tired department! So limit your coffee drinking to mornings and go steady on the alcohol – I try to have 6 alcohol free days each week and one coffee per day just to wake me up!!

Work-in-progress Healthy Diet

Everyone’s idea of a healthy diet seems to differ and there are so many conflicting ideas out there. One health magazine in the store this weeks will say that Margarine is good for you (I don’t think it is) and Butter will make you die young (I don’t think it will!). Next week the same magazine is saying the opposite is true (probably is!). So what’s a girl to eat?! Well the best advice I think I can give is eat as close to nature as you possibly can. If it comes pre-processed in a package with a lot of strange numbers in the ingredients list chances are nature didn’t make it – some guy down the road or even on the other side of the world did!

This, may I point out to you – is a gradual process for me – under no circumstances are I the shining light in the diet department. I love lollies, sometimes eat takeaways, struggle with my weight and some day’s think what the heck and completely fall off the band-wagon! Its baby steps all the way!

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